Counselling in London for eating disorders




Having a disruptive relationship with food?

Eating disorders often begin in the teen years but can develop at older ages too. They are complex, varied and tend to be an expression of an underlying emotional issue or difficult feeling.

In some highly competitive environments where there is emphasis on the need to be perfect, the focus on body shape, weight, and looks can be the start of an eating disorder.

duskin2Dawn can successfully help you gain emotional awareness around how you relate to food and put meaning to your disorderedly eating. This will lead to a less destructive eating pattern and a  return to a healthier relationship with food.








duskin2Dawn is here to help.

Currently most eating disorder clinics are fully booked. If you are a young person who would like help thinking about, exploring, or understanding a disruptive relationship with food, you can find the help you need at duskin2Dawn's Counselling in London.

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