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Young Adult's

Counselling In London

Helping young adults and adolescents overcome anxiety, trauma and depression.

If you are a young person struggling with life, or feeling impacted by issues like low mood, difficult peer relationships, or suicidal thoughts, duskin2Dawn offers specialised counselling in London for young people and teenagers.

duskin2Dawn is a safe and confidential space for any young person to explore and understand difficult emotions and thoughts that may feel overwhelming or stressful.

Together we can make positive changes by identifying the root cause of your past and ongoing struggles and gain insight into how they may be impacting your life, relationships, and friendships.

We are passionate about helping young people understand and give meaning to life’s challenges, so they feel empowered to enjoy their journey.







A counselling service for young adults and older adolescents.







A safe space to talk

If you are looking for trustworthy counselling in London, call duskin2Dawn today on 07958 718 622 for a free telephone consultation.

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