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How I work


Online counselling and face to face therapy 
What to expect

In the counselling room we work as a team, you talk, I listen with non-judgement, then we explore together.  Listening to the issues and difficulties you share enables us to work through and get to the bottom of any underlying issues. Then we identify how these issues impact you on a day-to-day basis.

The work is client-led, which means we talk about what you bring to the therapy room. Listening and engaging together is the most important aspect of what we do.

I mostly engage in talking therapy and can provide coping mechanisms to manage issues like anxiety if needed.

With young teenagers and children, difficult feelings and thoughts can be explored and understood through play therapy.

We will work together in a positive and non-judgmental atmosphere.



Counselling in London and West London





Counselling in London and online

I offer some of the counselling in London, in person. Many of my clients are also outside the London area, dotted around the UK. For these young adults the therapy sessions are online.  Some prefer the flexibility and convenience of online therapy regardless of how close they are. 

Whatever suits best, I am here to work with you.




The healing process:
Working together to make changes

Counselling is a process that takes place by meeting for weekly sessions, just under an hour in duration. Therapy is not a quick fix, but research shows that the intimate relationship between the client and the counsellor creates the healing element in the work.



What to expect:
How counselling can work for you

We all struggle with difficulties and issues in life and at times we all need a safe space to explore with a non-judgemental person. 

duskin2Dawn is a confidential space for you to work through your difficult thoughts, feelings, and behaviour in the hope that you might feel empowered to make progress towards enjoying your life.






If you are struggling to make sense of life, difficult thoughts or feelings, contact duskin2Dawn to arrange counselling in London or online.

Call me on 07958 718 622 to arrange a free consultation

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